Mialisia: Mialisia Jewelry Launches in the US and Canada and...

Mialisia: Mialisia Jewelry Launches in the US and Canada and...: Mialisia Jewelry Launches in the US and Canada  Breaking Records Who is Mialisia? Mialisia (pronounced Mee-ah-lee-see-ah) J...


Mialisia Jewelry Launches in the US and Canada and is Breaking Records

Mialisia Jewelry Launches in the US and Canada

 Breaking Records

Who is Mialisia?

Mialisia (pronounced Mee-ah-lee-see-ah) Jewelry is a new direct sales company revolved around fashion events (home parties) put on by independent designers. Mialisia is projected to grow at a record-setting pace thanks to its unique, patent-pending “VersaStyle” hook concept that gives women infinite possibilities with their jewelry and allows them to create the style and look that way they want. No other company offers a product like ours. Patent-pending means there’s no competition!

How did Mialisia Jewelry get started?

What does Mialisia offer?

Mialisia Jewelry is so unique that it is in it's own category, "VersaStyle". The patent pending hook concept on both ends of a necklace turn it now into so much more than a necklace. It can be adjusted to different sizes to wear as a choker, a long necklace, a layered look, a bracelet, a lanyard, a headband, a belt, boot jewelry, and much more. The concept allows women to use their creativity to come up with their own styles and looks that fit their personality and needs for the day. Here is an example of a dozen ways you can wear it: 

How can I become a host and earn free jewelry?

Want a chance to win free jewelry every Friday? Check this out

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Hear our Story this Tuesday! Mialisia Opportunity Call by our Founders/CEO/President

Join Mialisia Executive National Designer, Dave Nabrotzky, as well as our Founder/CEO/and President this Tuesday Feb 4th at 9:30pm Eastern as they introduce the Mialisia story and the opportunity of a lifetime in the US and Canada to join our explosive growth! Callers will be muted so sit just listen in for 30 min as they share how we are forever changing the way women wear jewelry!

To sign up for our "Mialisia Insider" newsletter and ensure you don't miss out on the latest announcements and promotions during our Canadian pre-launch, simply visit www.MiaTeamCanada.com


Mialisia Canada Pre-Launch Application to become a FOUNDING DESIGNER

Mialisia Pre-launch in Canada

Become a Founding Designer for an explosive company poised to revolutionize the fashion industry and forever change the way women wear jewelry

Click here to get the "Mialisia Insider" newsletter to ensure you are the first to hear about important launch announcements and promotions. www.HookedOnMia.com/Canada

Enroll Today and secure a limited spot as a "Founding Designer" for only $49 USD. These positions are going fast and are only given during our pre-launch. 

Mialisia's #1 Team (Team Diamond) is lead by Dave and Trish Nabrotzky, Executive National Designers (direct-to-corporate). You would be direct to them. This is your chance to be a part of something huge from the very beginning and literally be at the very top. Let us then help to train and support you to stay there so that we, together, can do something historic and life-changing!


What will YOU do now that it is knocking on your door?

For more info, email MialisiaJewelry@gmail.com or by calling toll free 844-642-2329

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You Are Something Beautiful

This is a song for anyone whose ever been
Knocked down and can't get back again
Stuck inthe corner, and cant move foward
All alone and you think you're going nowhere
This is a song for anyone whos ever stood
Underneath the sun
And felt so small two feet tall and so out of place
He sees you- He knows you- He loves you
And he wants you to know that

Heaven holds a dream thats just for you
And there are things only you can do
So step By faith, put the past away
It'll take you to a better day

Second to Minute to hour to life
Time always seems to fly
It's on the go and before you know
Your days are through
But he sees you- He knows you- he loves you
And he wants you to know that

The life you've been living the days that
You've been given
Were made for something Beautiful
Life- Dont let it pass you by
Because you were created for something Beautiful

 by Natalie Grant called "Something Beautiful" from the Awaken Album

Mialisia Inner Beauty

Mialisia CEO explains VersaStyle Jewelry on Channel 5

A dozen ways to wear one piece of Mialisia Jewelry
What can your necklace do for you????


If I Could Be A Star

Be a Star in the Shower as well as on the Stage of Life

If I Could Be a Star
by Dave Nabrotzky, Mialisia Executive National Designer

One of my favorite Mialisia memories was “making” our incredible Founder and CEO sing a song on the spot with no notice at our Nashville Boot Camp a few months back. She reluctantly agreed as long as I promised not to record it and post it all over the internet. So I honored that and didn't record…but that doesn't mean that I still cant tell the story all over the internet, right? (wink)

Let me set the stage…

About 15 years ago, I went to a show called "NunSense" and Annelise sang this and it was absolutely incredible. Most don't know she graduated in Music, Dance, Theater and is overflowing with talent in these areas. 

Anyways...I cant find any actual footage of Annelise singing this song but I will play a snippet from the play and you can all imagine Annelise belting the words out with passion! The play shares some humorous thoughts that nuns have but cant say out loud. What I love about this part/song is the message that deep within all of us...we want to be a hero or a star. We have big dreams. But we often allow life and our fears and insecurities to bottle us up in our comfort zones. 

May each of you strive to recognize that we are the ones that control our limitations and expectations. So stop filling your mind with all the "nunsense" and decide today, right now, that you will follow your dreams and make something even more out of your life. You can do it! Take the stage and give it a try. Don't let life pass by leaving the song of your heart to be unsung! Stop worrying about how you will look if you stumble. Don't worry about not being perfect! Just stand up and sing! You may doubt the decision each step along the way from your chair to being on the stage...but once you are there...and you leave your inhibitions behind...and sing with the confidence you do when you are in the shower alone and think no one else can hear you...then you will hear music that you never knew you even had inside of you. You see in the shower...you are comfortable...no one to mock you. Besides....I can't hold a single note but even I sound good singing in the shower. Enjoy!

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"Stop-it...Dam-it": Phrases that Stop Your Growth

"Stop-it...Dam-it": Phrases that Stop Your Growth

We have all heard it a million times... "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me"? I couldn't disagree more!! As a Christian pastor I have the opportunity to do 10+ hours a week of marriage counseling. Many sessions are working through forgiveness and healing for words used yesterday (and sometimes even words used 20 years ago that had a negative impact yet was never addressed).   So often in mentoring I hear people utter phrases that on the surface seem harmless but, in reality are devastating.  There is no voice more powerful than your own.  

In fact, a study found that it took seven positive comments from others to negate ONE negative thing we told ourselves. 

Many years ago I learned that CAN'T was an acronym.  It means-Certainly Am Not Trying.  "I Can't" feeds the fear.  It gives into the fear.  It let's fear triumph without even trying.   We can do anything we put our mind's to. You could run a marathon, you could climb a mountain, you can loose weight and you CAN build a business.  The tougher the tasks the longer it takes.  CAN'T is your fear talking.  Tell it to sit down and shut up. Replace it with:  I WILL!

No you don't.  You CHOOSE to.  Perhaps you "choose" to based on what other people will think, say or do.. but you choose to.  So if that is the case, own the choice.  If you don't like the choice, change the choice.  Let others think, do or say what they will.    Replace with:  I choose to do this because.

Quit “shoulding” all over yourself!  "Should" is self-castigating.  "Should" implies that you fell short or were wrong in some way.  "Should" is filled with regret. 
Replace this with:  Next time I will... or maybe just let yourself do what you want.  Cut yourself some slack.

This is one of the most damaging phrases in the English language.  To quote Yoda, “Do or Do Not... there is no try”.  "Try" opens the door for failure. 
Replace this with: “No matter what”.   No matter what says "I know I can and I will keep at it until I get there".   

I hear this so often and it makes me gasp for air.  Would you ever let someone talk to you that way?  Absolutely not!  You are not stupid!  You are learning, evolving and growing.

"Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid" Albert Einstein

These phrases rob us of our power and make us helpless victims.  Take your power back.  Choose your words carefully as they build who you are.  Own your words, deeds and actions… for they are yours alone.

Write your affirmation statement. This is perhaps the most influential document I own and it shapes my daily belief, my daily actions, and is the blueprint towards becoming the person I want to be. Stay tuned for the next post of how to write your affirmation statement. Subscribe to http://HookedOnMialisia.blogspot.com

http://HookedOn.Mialisia.com Mialisia Team Diamond Executive National, Dave NabrotzkyMialisiaJewelry@gmail.com


Mialisia - Show me how big your brave is!

Ladies.....I want to see you be BRAVE!! So go for it! Dream! Rise above discouragement and trial! You can do it! Believe! Some say I dream too big...I say you think too small. You have greatness in you!

"Brave" by Sara Bareilles
You can be amazing
You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug
You can be the outcast
Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love
Or you can start speaking up
Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that words do
When they settle ‘neath your skin
Kept on the inside and no sunlight
Sometimes a shadow wins
But I wonder what would happen if you
Everybody’s been there,
Everybody’s been stared down by the enemy
Fallen for the fear
And done some disappearing,
Bow down to the mighty
Don’t run, stop holding your tongue
Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in
Show me how big your brave is
And since your history of silence
Won’t do you any good,
Did you think it would?
Let your words be anything but empty
Why don’t you tell them the truth?

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

With what you want to say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

Come and Join Our Revolution to Change the Way Women Wear Jewelry
Mialisia: Infinite Possibilities

Mialisia Team Diamond Executive National Designer, Dave Nabrotzky
For more information Email or visit our website


Mialisia Leadership Conference - The Need for Purpose, Passion, and Pain

Purpose, Passion, and Pain
Dave Nabrotzky, Mialisia Executive National Designer, Team Diamond
Presented at 2013 Mialisia Leadership Conference - Vegas

You work for a purpose-driven company! I hope we become engrained with the fact that each of us has a purpose. We may not be perfect people. We may not have perfect situations. But we are still significant nonetheless!  Women have been blessed with the rich body of emotions and when used properly they are very effective at motivating you towards your destiny. I want you to be clearer in your understanding that purpose and passion are interconnected.

Unfortunately, we live in a crazy world that we're so busy all the time and everything is fast, fast, fast…and we are losing touch with who we are and our inner sense of passion. But it is your passion that empowers you to be able to do THAT thing for which you were created to do. You may not feel it all the time but you do have passion.  It is this passion to which will thrust us thru the trials of life to accomplish the things that we were created to do so that we can function at a higher dimension and with authority and with conviction.

You need passion to withstand all the obstacles that go with your purpose.  Just because you are living with purpose doesn’t mean that you are not going to have problems.  You will have problems but you will be given the thrust to be able to get up off the ground and to step into the field of your dreams. And even if you have not landed on that thing yet…at least get in the territory to that the thing you were dreaming to do or that you hope to accomplish. And through that passion you will be able to ignite things you have never ignited before and didn’t even think possible.

Now some of you out there may say, “I don’t feel a thing. I am numb. I used to have passion when I was young but I don’t feel any passion now”. All of us go thru times that we don't feel anything at all. But in order to ignite passion again, you have to be exposed. “Get out of the boat, Peter, walk on the water”. Go do something you've never done before, get involved, get connected…because when you are exposed you will see that there are more options at any age. You don’t have to be cute…you don't have to be pretty…you don’t have to be a size three… you don't have to be a blonde or a brunette or twenty or fifty.  At any age, you can still ignite your purpose by finding your passion. That is good news!

What then do we do with the lulls in life…the dark shadows in life?  We all have those secret pains and burdens. Are they in fact distractions from our purpose? Absolutely not! I've never seen anybody who did extraordinary feats that didn't have extraordinary issues. It may be the PASSION that gives you the power that you need…but it is the PAIN from which you have the conviction for that purpose!

If you have not been through some pains you would not have the burning to do what you do
I believe that children are like arrows.  They need to be directed. You aim them at that thing you want them to hit but you don't push an arrow….you pull it away from the target at first. And it is the digression that causes the progression. If your life has been tough as it's been hard and you had to pull yourself up by the boot straps, and your childhood wasn't so good…guess what? That was just the arrow being pulled back so that when you are released you can thrust after the thing you are after. So you don’t have to grieve over what you didn’t get and what didn't happen and how you were treated and who didn’t raise you and who didn’t love you.  Once you understand the greater the digression….the stronger the progression.  

If Nelson Mandela had not been incarcerated, had not been mistreated, had not been ostracized, he would not have the passion to do what he does. I'm telling you what you think is working against you is actually working for you. And if you can realize that then you make sense out of the pain, then you justify the pain

We are constantly taught to seek provision. Seek money. But I know a lot of rich people. They can be crazy. Money without purpose doesn’t make you wise…it makes you crazy. You don’t want to seek provision. You want to seek purpose. If you find your purpose you will not have to worry about provision.

You don’t want to be chasing your provision. I want my provision to be chasing me. Then you are in a position to decide what ventricles to open up and how you can help others.

The most sexy and wonderful thing in the world is somebody who knows who they are and knows where they are going and knows what they were created to do. There is nothing like it in the world. When you find your purpose they will find something cute about you. People who are on point are attractive. They are focused. They get the deal. They earn the business. They make the best mamas in the world. They make the best daddy’s in the world. They are easy to live with.

People who are lost are hard to live with…whether they are rich or not, or beautiful or not, people who don’t know who they are always needing validation to feel secure. But when you are self-confident then you are safe within yourself. You don’t need everybody in your space. You know who you are. You are dead on center. You are right on point. You know exactly who you are. You don’t need others to define you. You don’t need others to validate yourself. And if they clap for you that is good. But if they don’t then that is ok because you are living your life right on point with purpose! May each of you be blessed to live a purpose-inspired life! Make no mistake about it….Mialisia has a purpose. A purpose so much grander than jewelry. Yes, VersaStyle jewelry may be the vehicle that takes us from point A to B. But the success and journey toward that destination is for a purpose which is to help serve others, seek to do good acts in the world, make a difference in the lives of others, and to bring out and ENHANCE THE INNER BEAUTY WITHIN.

For more information about this purpose-inspired company and the family culture being created within Mialisia and the direct sales industry, email Dave (Mialisia Team Diamond) or visit Become a Customer...Host a Fashion Event...Enroll as a Designer


Mialisia Leadership and Accountability

10 Traits of a Great Mialisia Leader
Dave and Trish Nabrotzky,  Team Diamond Executive National Designers

Take the Direct Sales Industry and add to that the Home Party Plan business model and now you are in a class all by itself. In the corporate world, you need certain schooling or certifications or credentials to be considered a “Leader”.  However, being a leader in the Fashion Event / Party Plan world is more about what you do and who you are…it is a state of mind and lifestyle. The most successful leaders in our company are from all walks of life, from Corporate Executives in Banking and Construction to the Stay At Home Mom, but there are some traits that they all have in common. Here are the Top 10 Traits to help you become a truly successful Leader.

2. Only Ask Of Your Team What You Are Willing To Do Yourself – In order to be an effective Leader, you must practice what you preach. Never ask your team to do more than you are willing to do yourself. No matter what level you reach in the company, do not ever stop doing parties, hostess coaching, recruiting, etc. You need to continue actively working your business to keep your “finger on the pulse” and always know what is going on with your company. You can tell your team what they have to do each day to be successful....but eventually they stop listening because your actions speak so loudly that they cant even hear what you are saying anymore.

To be a successful leader, you must first be a successful designer as this gives you the critical foundation. It allows you to help others from a perspective that is authentic, not something you read from a book. When there are issues you can help feel those things personally.  You may not always hold 2-3 parties a week.  The best leaders in the industry are those who are consistently leading by example with their own personal business. A Fashion Event Queen is a professional business woman who always maintains the highest level of class, integrity, and professionalism – both at am event and away. As a Leader you will be looked to for support, encouragement, knowledge, coaching, and inspiration. Remember the Golden Rule as you must be the mentor you yourself would like to have.

3Assertive – You must be willing to make the first move. New consultants are often a little nervous of getting started in their new business. You must have the confidence to help her get past her fears to make her dreams a reality. Even if you are fearful yourself, you must push through that fear for your team. The payoff is tremendous.

4. Organized – There is such a thing as “organized chaos” – and many Leaders understand this term very well. You do not have to have everything “alphabetical, color-coded, smallest to largest order” however, being able to quickly put your hands on something is imperative. Remember also that your team will mirror you – if you are organized and in control, they will work to be as well. Find a system that works for you, and then teach it to your team.

5. Understanding, Yet Firm – In this industry, we do have to have a certain level of empathy and understanding with our team, however, make sure you stay strong and keep your focus. If you become too good of “friends” with your team, they will think that you will “understand” when they start slacking from their business. Though you want your team to know they can come to you, always be sure to stay professional. Also, you will find some team members need a little bit more of a “push” than others. Using “tough love” is a good way to continue to support your team while still maintaining the respect and caring of the relationship.

6. Be positive – Frustrations come at every level in any organization. However, you must never ever complain down towards your team! When a team sees their Leader upset about something, it can spread like a cancer throughout your team. When you are upset or needing to vent, call your Upline, or another Leader not from your team. Chances are she has had the same frustrations, and will be able to give you advice and guidance.

7. Firm Faith In Your Industry, Company, And Product – To really be successful with Fashion Events, you must have a good understanding of Direct Sales and Neltwork Marketing, as well as a firm faith and commitment to your Products and Company. When the company does something you do not agree with (changing policies, discontinuing products, etc) a Leader must have enough faith in her company to know it is ultimately for the best. Badmouthing your Company in any way is planting seeds of negativity and excuses into your team.

8. Don’t Take It Personal – Being a Leader in the Party Plan Industry requires having a little bit of “thick skin.” As with being a Consultant and understanding that every “No” gets you closer to a “Yes”, a Leader needs to be able to hear negativity from her team, and work towards resolution without taking it to heart. A Corporate shipping issue for instance can cause quite an uproar from your team. Remember that people are people, and though it may seem they are taking it out on you, it is simply business. Likewise if a consultant leaves the business or does not perform the way she
has said she wanted to, if you have worked with her as a Leader, do not take this to heart. Not every Consultant will make it in our industry, but many will; and if you are a good dedicated Leader, you have increased their chances of success ten fold.

9. Don’t Try To Motivate…. INSPIRE! – There is a huge misconception that a Leader must MOTIVATE her team. People must motivate themselves. The best way to build your team, teach your team, and continue to support your team is to INSPIRE them! Live the life that the success of your personal business has allowed for you. Take pride in the things that you have, the success you have made, and the future you are building for yourself. Continue to grow as a person as well as a Leader. Be THE Party Plan Diva!

10. Have A Genuine Passion For Other’s Success – The saying “Every Man For Himself” does not work in this Industry. A Leader is only as successful as the team she leads. If your genuine goal is to teach and help others succeed, in turn you will succeed. It is the GIVING that will make you successful in the GETTING. Change your focus from “What’s in it for me” to “How can I help her achieve her dreams.” The more success your team achieves, the more successful you become.


Overcoming the price objection in direct sales

Want to know the key to making tons of money?

Then learn how to sell value over price. The key to buying decisions is gaining value during the presentation experience. Buyers want to be taught HOW they can get more for less. If you simple hang the jewelry on a wall at a home party or trade show and then step back and read a book…your customers will have a retail experience. They will be impressed with the beauty of the jewelry but would never appreciate the concept and the infinite value...and the result is lower sales, more frustration, and less success!

Highly successful direct sales professionals understand that their company relies on brand reputation and margin to maintain leadership and viability in the industry. As designers, you build long-term, highly profitable relationships when you sell value over price, because customers are more than willing to pay a premium for someone or something that truly delivers extra value to them. That is why it is so important for sales professionals to understand what the customer truly values.

·  Focus on helping the customer meet her needs rather than simply trying to sell them whatever your flavor of the month is. In order to do that effectively, you have to become highly skilled at asking your customer the right questions and listening carefully to make sure you understand their answers.

The challenge faced by most sales professionals is that customers cannot recognize (presale) the value of your solution without your help. When the customer does not clearly understand your value, they will focus on the one thing they do understand, which always comes down to price.

Many sales professionals are not very effective in this area. If they attempt to discuss value with the customer at all, they tend to say things like:
This product will help you look beautiful and have more jewelry to choose from
This “feature” will do this, and that “feature” will do that

As important as these points are to make, they don’t go far enough because they don’t clearly spell out the ultimate value of what is being offered. Selling value requires that salespeople have the ability to justify – in terms that the customer cares about – how the customer will benefit from their solution. Unless the sales professional can deliver this message and connect the dots very clearly, they leave the customer no choice but to view their solution as just another commodity where price becomes the only consideration.

Action Items:
  •   Try writing two or three different “Feature-Advantages-Benefits” statements that will connect your products and services to the typical needs of the customers you work with. Make sure that you provide a very focused benefit component that specifically defines how the product will solve the problem or meet the specific need of a customer.
  •   Review your current questioning and listening strategy. Are you asking enough questions with every client to be able to offer a solution that will clearly address their needs?

When asked to a group of saleswomen, “How many of you have had customers leave because of price but come back because the level of service they received from others was not what they got from you?" Eighty percent raised their hands.

So I told the 80 percent who raised their hands to ask those clients why they left for a better price and why they came back for better service. You can use this feedback when confronted with price objections. Also, find out what else they gained from spending a little more money with you--what are the long-term effects of doing business with you, and how does that offset the initial investment?

Compared to most jewelry out there… price IS one of our advantages, that's great. But remember, you need something that keeps the competition away and secures your relationships for the future. I remember seeing this sign:

Price, Service, Quality (Please pick two)
If you choose to lower your price, something else will suffer. No matter how tough the market gets, you'll have to stick to your principles to sell the value that differentiates you from your competition.

Simply put, if you want to sell value to your customer instead of being forced to discount price to close deals, the most important thing to remember is not to lead with product features and deals, because customers don’t by products (jewelry). Instead, they buy solutions that will give them the outcomes they need to make their fashion and attractiveness more appreciated. Therefore, before you can present them with an attractive solution, you must be certain that you understand the customer’s “hot buttons” so you can connect that solution back to the customer’s most important goals and desired outcomes. Mialisia designers more than anyone else….you or your customers should never think for a second that our jewelry is priced too high as long as you are face to face with them to explain your product/concept. I personally believe our jewelry is priced too low for what we really offer customers! But I understand the value of what our product and opportunity really is. Do you? Then you better determine this before your next home party.

Just know this, YOU have every reason in the world to have confidence that you have absolutely no competition out there in this industry. Period! You simply offer the very best quality jewelry at the lowest possible price….now that’s value!!

Good Luck Team!

Dave Nabrotzky

Mialisia Executive National Designer


Welcome to The Diamond Team

Mialisia Team Diamond

1) Stay positive and share things that would only inspire, help, and educate others. I embrace this quote "Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.” Let us not look for chinks in each other's armor. We all have them, Mialisia has them...so let's agree that as a team we are positive and forward thinking.  I am not discouraging communication. It just needs to be in the right forum and with the right approach. Remember we are a family and we have each other's back!
2) Share stories, experiences, successes, ideas, etc.  I don't take these as patting yourself on the back. Companies hire PR firms to share info so people know of the good things and not be drown out by the rare misfortune. If you try something and it worked with great success...let us know. If you tried something that didn't go how you wanted then simply state the situation and then we can jump in to offer ideas/resources. Group training calls are also good to share ideas. Personal and spiritual growth is even more important to me (and may I boldly say...important to you too) than any wealth. So selectively share personal growth experiences and not just ideas on how to have a better home party. 
3) Finally...let's have a ton fun together and par-tay! As the saying goes..."I'd rather lay on the beach with the one I love...than live in a mansion all by myself". From day#1 here...I envisioned:
a) Team Diamond as a family of leaders who is being gathered from all over the world for a special purpose(s). There is strength in numbers. The Lord teaches that when two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Whether Christian or not...we can all at least agree that it feels great to part of something bigger than ourselves and that only only He who is on higher ground...can lift others to better things. Some days, we need to lift and some days we need to be lifted. In either case above....if a hand of fellowship isn't extended then no one is served, right?
b) Team Diamond will focus on growth and success by giving every designer (one by one) the tools, accountability, and E.P.R. that we all need.  Yes....numbers are key to give us a "report card" on how we are doing in business. But behind every number is a person and a story. When we take time to really get to the root of the issue or a concern or bad habits....then we can more effectively change the outcome. Ezra Taft Benson said, "The Lord works from the inside out. The world works from the outside in. The world would take the people out of the slums. Christ would take the slums out of people, and then they would take themselves out of the slums. The world would mold men by changing their environment. Christ changes men, who then change their environment. The world would shape human behavior, but Christ can change human nature.
FYI....E.P.R stands for Encourage, Praise, Recognize and you will hear me say this acronym often.

Enough said....let's go do something historic in our cities, states, country, world, and within ourselves! And oh yeah.....LET'S GET TO WORK!!!